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About Irene

Throughout my life, I have worked a 9 to 5 job and played it safe. I was a regular mom with three wonderful children that I love. Several years ago, my two youngest children began to lose their sight. They developed a disease that has since resulted in both becoming legally blind. This broke my heart as a mother, but watching their resiliency and ability to enjoy their lives despite this hardship has opened my eyes and inspired me. 

I have always had an enthusiasm for meeting people and develop relationships with positive individuals.  Inspired by my children, I’ve stopped holding myself back and pursued my true professional joy.  I love trade shows, networking events and learning new skills.  I offer my enthusiasm to companies to pump energy into their exciting new products and services.  I can take an ordinary booth at a trade show and increase traffic by 100%. My passion has taken me across the United States and ventured to foreign countries. If you are looking to see your ROR (Return on Relationships) growth, don't hesitate to contact me.


People are my Profession

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